Sunshine-Deadly Without It

After a snowy winter we are looking forward to some sunshine, just can’t get enough of it. But, let’s see what else it might offer us.


“But unto them that fear my name shall the sun of righteousness

arise with healing in His wings.”Malachi 4:2


Sunlight increases circulation and also the volume of oxygen in the blood. If anyone is interested in losing weight, they will never lose it unless they are able to provide the body with sufficient quantities to burn the fat off. You can’t even burn wood without enough oxygen, much less adipose tissue.

Sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland to increase hormone production. Stimulating the thyroid increases Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), burning up more energy or calories.

Dr. Kime notes in his book, Sunlight, that experimental animals lost weight with sunlight treatment as compared with animals given the same diet without the benefits of sun exposure.

Energy, endurance and muscular strength are all increased by sunlight. On the other hand, a lack of sunlight contributes to fatigue, depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. Lack of sunlight has been linked to loss of muscle tone and strength according to studies done at the Clinical Pathology Department of the National Institute of Health.

According to John Zimmerman, PhD, founder and president of Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute in Reno, Nevada, most offices, even those with uncovered windows and the lights on, have a light level of only 500 lux (the international unit of illumination, one lumen per square meter). This is really quite low when compared to outdoor light, which has about 50,000 lux or approximately 100 times more.

When sunlight reaches the skin, carbohydrate cravings associated with metabolic imbalances are relieved. It’s the simple carbohydrates found in candy, doughnuts, cakes, pies and those innocent little cookies (and all other forms of junk food) that contribute to the problems of obesity in this country.

Full Spectrum Lighting (sunlight) is an effective treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD ) which includes the symptoms of excessive eating and sleeping.

Bright light therapy increases levels of serotonin, which is involved with appetite regulation. Sunlight has proven helpful in cases of bulimia (binging on large amounts of food, followed by self-purging – vomiting).

A metabolic effect in the body similar to physical training is produced by sunlight. Beneficial effects which are apparently the same as those of an endurance exercise program can be achieved by a series of exposures to sunlight.

Lactic acid decreases and cellular oxygenation increases following exposure to sunlight. This means that more oxygen is available for delivery to muscles and organs in the body while exercising than when the body is at rest.

Studies have shown that another benefit of sunlight is that it reduces your cholesterol level. Sunlight does this by reducing the cholesterol in the skin and by decreasing cholesterol metabolism in the entire body. Sunlight transforms a cholesterol precursor in the skin to Vitamin D. The lost cholesterol in the skin is then replaced by cholesterol from the blood, thus decreasing the overall levels in the body. This metabolic processing of cholesterol from the skin is accomplished at such a fast rate that the total cholesterol level is decreased. Because of the reduction of cholesterol oxygen is delivered more effectively and with greater rapidity.

What do you do with all this information?

                10-15 minutes of sunlight on the face and hands as a starter. Increase gradually to 30-45 minutes. Avoid getting sunburned. The safest time to expose yourself to the sun is before 10:00AM and after 4:00PM.

There is more about sunlight you will want to know. Check it out at

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