Eat Prunes – Prevent Bone Loss

Eat Prunes – Prevent Bone Loss

In one research study 58 postmenopausal women were studied. Each of the women ate 12 prunes per day for a period of three months. After three months they showed higher blood levels of enzymes and growth factors indicative of bone formation than did the women in the study who did not eat prunes.  What did these “power prunes” have that made such a difference?

There are polyphenolic compounds and other nutrients in prunes that act as antioxidants to avert bone loss. Researchers believe that the same beneficial effects of the prunes would have the same effect on men.

The studies also showed that there were no “gastrointestinal-side effects”, if you know what I mean.

Baharm H. Arjmardi, PhD, RD, Professor of nutritional sciences and gerontology at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

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